“The House Calls Team has always responded quickly whenever I have called regarding my mother. They have always been kind and caring. It is the best thing I did for my mother’s care.”

“We are deeply grateful for everything House Calls offers my dad. Absolutely everyone who assists in his care has been outstanding – very professional, knowledgeable, caring and available to provide help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We do not have enough words to express our appreciation.”

“The professionalism and wonderful care have been the paramount reason my husband and I are thriving so well at home. Without you being there for us, we would not be living at home, where we intend to stay.”

“Team members are always responsive and caring. They are truly wonderful! They speak to the patient directly and comprehensively understand dementia issues.”

“We have been extremely pleased with the service that House Calls has provided. I have two elderly aunts, aged 93 and almost 97, who are patients. They have received care from a nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist on the House Calls team. When my aunt recently broke her hip, the physiotherapist came in and did exercises with her. We’re now at a point where we don’t need overnight care for my aunts anymore. They’re doing great. One of the reasons is certainly because we have had House Calls available to us.” – Brian 

“As a caregiver, I feel the most confidence I could possibly feel knowing the doctors from House Calls are just a telephone call away. It is really comforting to see them in the safety of our home, not having to worry about travelling anywhere and arranging for a bedridden person to be taken somewhere. It is an absolutely excellent service.”

​“I have had wonderful service from my doctors. They are very careful, and they really care about people, they really understand seniors. When they say they are dedicated to keeping us in their own home, they really are. I didn’t know what I was going to do before I heard about House Calls. It’s made a difference to my worry level.” – Christina

“My father came to live with us directly from the hospital; he was in rough shape, to say the least. Within the first two weeks, we had several visits from members of your team. Everyone was beyond professional, never rushed, and took time to get to know him as a person. He always enjoyed the visits. You cared for his emotional well-being, as well as his medical needs, providing the kind of care and respect that all of our elders deserve, but sadly do not always get.” 

“I can’t express enough the feeling of gratitude I have for the amazing staff and service from House Calls. My mom is homebound and is getting fantastic care. She’s doing so much better under the care and supervision of the House Calls team then ever before. I finally feel at ease that she’s getting the professional care she needs.”

“House Calls is excellent. My doctor is so kind and lovely – it’s a pleasure to have her here. She’s very caring and she comes in a very short period of time. I feel like she really cares about me. It’s a blessing to have House Calls taking care of me.”

​“I am my sister’s caregiver and my sister is bedridden. We couldn’t survive without House Calls. We look forward to our doctor coming. It’s just a wonderful experience. I’m getting security – I don’t feel alone as a caregiver. It’s really a good service you have.”

“The House Calls team is fantastic… we can rely upon them. They are always attentive to our needs, and we feel very safe and well cared for. We trust our team so much. We’re happy and secure with the service provided, just as it is. We don’t have to think about anything. The doctors are right there – there’s always someone at the other end of the phone. Without the help we have from you, I don’t know how I’d manage.”

“It is almost impossible for me to go out anymore. If I didn’t have your help, I would probably never see a doctor – and I really need care! This has been a true blessing for me.”

“The doctors and staff are extremely professional. They take my mother’s concerns seriously and allow her to get top quality medical care, which she would find difficult to do or get otherwise.”

“My mother was not mobile. The personal care and attention she received was far beyond what I expected.”

“Everyone has been so kind and caring with me, even though I have a lot of problems. I want to stay in my home as long as possible, and with your continuing help, I should be able to!”

Dottie Wilson
Dottie Wilson’s husband, Bill, has faced numerous health issues since 2013, including two strokes, two heart attacks, kidney failure and heart failure. The Wilsons were referred to House Calls from Bill’s doctor at Bridgepoint Health after he had brain surgery.

“[House Calls] is a boon for both of us,” Dottie says, speaking on behalf of Bill. “It has caused us less stress, there are no more $15 penalties at the pharmacy …. No more sitting waiting for an appointment in the doctor’s office. We have never experienced anything like this.”

Although Bill gets in-home personal support, Dottie is his main caregiver. “It has caused so much less stress at home for both of us. There’s been such a marked improvement for both of us.”
“It’s life saving. It’s mind saving,” she says. “To think he is still at home, despite all he has been through! This service is remarkable.” Bill’s House Calls physician “is marvellous,” Dottie says. “She is so kind and gentle and so caring. She’s a consummate professional.”

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